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(Low Blood Sugar)

 Hypoglycemia is a central nervous system disorder caused by low blood sugar. It occurs mainly in Toy Breeds between the ages 6 and 12 weeks. Some of the causes are STRESS, not eating frequently enough, getting too cold, etc. The first signs of low blood sugar are those of listlessness and depression. This condition is recognized when the puppy lies down, does not play or try to get up, staggers when it walks or even a seizure. Also the eyes can look dull and not bright.

It is always easier to prevent Hypoglycemia than to try to treat it!

Hypoglycemia can occur without warning when a puppy is placed in a new home. It may appear after a puppy misses a meal, gets chilled, has a digestive upset or become exhausted from too much playing or handing. 

To prevent this from happening make sure your puppy eats every 3 hours and gets his frequent rest breaks.

If the puppy has low blood sugar, add unflavored Pedialite to their water to keep the puppy from becoming dehydrated.

Treat as soon as possible, but DO NOT PANIC! If the puppy is lethargic give about 2 cc (about as much as you put on your tooth brush) of Nutri Cal, honey, or Karo syrup immediately. Put it in the puppys mouth or  if he's unresponsive rub it on his gums. Keep your puppy warm, possible with a towel that has been warmed in the dryer.  Your puppy should start responding withing 10 minutes. Any doubts Call your veterinarian!!!

Try to get you puppy to eat asap. May need to keep some Cesars wet food, beef or chicken baby food for times like these.

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