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Hey Y'all!!! We also just had a beautiful litter of babies just born and will be ready just in time for Christmas! Yayyyy!! Please let me know if you'd like to reserve one of these little cutie pies or place a deposit because they are going FAST. Maltese make wonderful companions, they are smart, sweet and lovable!

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Maltese History


The Maltese is the oldest European toy breed and are amongst the oldest of all breeds. The breed can be traced back many centuries as far back as 6000 B.C. Though the exact origins are unknown, they believe that that they originated on he island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, hence the name "Maltese."

The Maltese is among the most gentle mannered of all little dogs. They are very affectionate, loving, cheerful and playful. Often said, they are packed full of personality, known for their outbursts of running at top speeds in all directions. They are lovable companions that want nothing more that to be loved by you. Maltese are highly intelligent, quick to learn tricks and commands.

A Maltese life span is from 12-14 years, they are a small, fine-bonded sturdy dog. Eyes are dark, round and alert an their muzzle is medium length. Their nose is black but can become brown or pink during the winter, referred to as the "winter nose". It will turn back to black with more exposure to the sun.

The Maltese sport a single layered solid white coat hair. Their long hair should drape over each side, divided down the back. Their hair grows about 8 inches long or almost touching the ground. Daily grooming is required to keep the Maltese coat clean and mat free. Many owners will keep them cut in what is commonly referred to as the "puppy cut", where the hair is kept 1-2 inches all over the entire body. Dead hair will need to be brushed out as this breed does not shed; the dead hair will become matted if not removed.

Past Maltese

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