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Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale 

I am super excited about the Shih-Tzu puppies that we have at this time. They are just awesome! I wish that I could keep them all. If you are your someone in your family is looking for a new family companion, get your deposit in early!

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  • Sweet Bella

    Sweet Bella  Designer Breed Puppies For Sale
    What a cutie! This little gal is a precious Shorkie female with all of the cute wonderful qualities that everyone wants in a new puppy! She is a vivac Learn More
  • Bear

    Bear Designer Breed Puppies For Sale
    What a sweet boy! Meet Bear!! This little fella is a precious male Shih-Tzu with the perfect teddy bear face and cute short legs. He has the prettiest Learn More
  • Scruffy

    Scruffy Designer Breed Puppies For Sale
    Super cute and scruffy is the way I describe this precious Mal-Shih. He has a great personality, loves other dogs and gets along well with our child Learn More
  • Petite Petunia

    Petite Petunia Designer Breed Puppies For Sale
    Meet Petite Petunia! She is a gorgeous Shih-Tzu female with all of the perfect qualities! I just love her beautiful teddy bear face, petite compact bo Learn More

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Shih-Tzu History


Shih-Tzu have been around a very long time. In the countries of Tibet and China, Shih-Tzus were given to the Chinese Royalty as gifts. The word "Shih-Tzu" means lion dog in Chinese.

Shih-Tzus come with a long list of positive qualities. They can compete in agility, confirmation and obedience, often make wonderful therapy dogs, make the perfect companion or lap dog, very friendly and get along well with other dogs as well as small children.They are often upbeat, sweet, affectionate.

Shih-Tzu are small and sturdy dogs, they grow up to 9-10 inches in height and weigh between 9-16#. Everyone seems to love their beautiful luxurious coat that has two layers and grows to the ground. You will often see their hair tied up in a bow to keep it out of their face or often they will sport a short puppy cut. Their beautiful hair comes in rainbow of colors. They shed little to no hair and do well with allergy sufferers.

Past Shih-Tzu

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