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Yorkshire Terriers For Sale 

This beautiful litter of Yorkies for sale have all the perfect qualities. They are bright, vibrant, playful and super smart babies! Yorkie puppies are hypoallergenic and non-shedding, yah! They are precious!!!! Get your deposits in today, Christmas time is here!!!

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Yorkie History


The Yorkie's long coat grows all the way to the ground and requires brushing daily. The hair on its head is usually tied up in a bow or parted down the middle all the way to the tail flowing straight and evenly on both sides. The Yorkies coat is usually steal blue on the body and tail, tan everywhere else and even an almost gold color all over the face. They are non-shedding and a good alternative for allergy sufferers. The lifespan is from 12-15 years.

Although Yorkshire Terriers are a small toy breed that is best known for their beautiful silky coat and spunky character, they have numerous positive attributes that make this breed so popular. They are often a fearless watchdog and have a great sense of hearing. They are full of energy and can keep up with the kids. They are often described as sweet, fiesty, bold, inquisitive and intelligent.

Past Yorkies

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